Wednesday, October 31, 2012

40 Squared - Double 40th Birthday Bash

We love working with Sasha Souza Events because they always bring us the most faboulus parties to create custom invitations for. This time they were working with a husband and wife who were both celebrating their 40th birthdays and wanted to have a unique party in their backyard, including a private concert by Super Diamond - so they needed an invitation that let people know this was going to be a party not to be missed!

We designed custom labeled 40 oz beers that were hand delivered to the guest which also included "concert tickets" for all of the guests. The clients also wanted to keep the RSVP process simple so we created a custom reply website to track guest responses.

 We loved the reply format because it allowed folks to make comments and we were so proud to see what people had to say about our invitations:

"Best invite we've E-V-E-R seen! Can't wait to celebrate with you both."

"Wow, with an invite like this, we KNOW the party in going to be a blast!"

"We're in! and we'll bring our 40, chilled and ready to drink!"


Unknown said...

I love this! My husband and I will be celebrating our 40th this summer. One of our musician friends has already offered to put on a concert for us!

Unknown said...
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mackyton said...

What a fantastic birthday party! You would have been over the moon to have such a blasting party. I am also planning to reserve domestic venues for my corporate events Chicago. Anyway, thanks for this warming post!