Thursday, June 24, 2010

chalkboards & postcards | unique monterey wedding

we're were so excited to get the call from joe & kelly to help them with the finishing touches (just as we had done with their friends andrew and meredith a few years ago).

we helped joe and kelly with some ideas for their ceremony and the table markers and seating chart. the couple had the fun idea of using garden markers with small chalk boards, to name the tables. we then created a large chalk board seating chart.

then at the table each guest received a stemless wine glass with a chalkboard on it and a scratcher lotto ticket. each table was equip with chalk and quarters. it was super fun for the guests and gave them something to do while they waited for their turn at the buffet.

the couple said their 'i dos' under a beautiful magnolia tree in the memory garden in monterey. since it was memorial day weekend, i go the treat of taking my family with me. my girls were so excited to peek in at the wedding and to see the bride. they never get to see me 'at work' so it was a big treat to sit on our hotel balcony and eat ice cream and listen to the band at my wedding.

oh how we love folks that enjoy being creative! for a guest book the bride and groom picked out fun postcards from the monterey area and put them out on the welcome table along with photos of themselves growing up. each guest got to sign a postcard, which later the clients will make into a book.

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