Monday, January 21, 2013

Gourmet Box Lunch - Made fresh for you!

Need a yummy lunch on the go? Let us help you whip something up for your next wine tour, company picnic or working lunch, a birthday in the park or a day sailing on the Bay.

When our clients call we get the details, date, time, budget and theme of the event. From there we design a lunch with health homemade options, fresh elements and a little something for everyone - and of course it is packaged up and easy to eat on the go!


The Pinole Chamber of Commerce hired us to bring lunch to a Social Media seminar they were hosting. Lunch packaging included a branded menu/sticker wrap with napkin and fork. Inside a chicken salad sandwich on croissant, a tomato, basil, mozzarella on chibatta, salad with dressing on the side and a chocolate chip cookie.


We baked spinach quiche and made yummy croissant sandwiches for this birthday party vineyard tour, complete with champagne!

We box up everything and can deliver to a stop on the wine tour or connect with the tour company to get the yummy lunches on board.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Party Like a Hogwarts Wizard - 7th Birthday

We get a lot of requests for custom birthday parties...something unique that not a lot of people are doing. Our little client wanted a Harry Potter party as she is very interested in the series & loves to read. To our surprise, there aren't a lot of options out there in "Party Land" for such a party befitting a little witch. What ever shall we do? Well, we created our own of course, complete with a wizard class at "Hogwarts Annex" (aka our party room).

We transformed a simple room into a classroom straight out of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Guests were sent special invitations/acceptance letter to the event.

To set the mood & theme, glass apothecary jars were set out with such dastardly things as dried dragon's blood, bezoar, frog ears, fly eggs, dittany and dried silk worms.

Desks were set up classroom style with clip boards to take notes on the new spells they were going to learn from newest teacher at Hogwarts, Professor Piewacket (aka Heather the Magician). Students learned new magic skills and

"Students" were offered a witch's brew that changed colors along with every kids' favorite pizza & fruit.

In the end, we had a very happy little birthday witch and that's really all that matters to us!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

40 Squared - Double 40th Birthday Bash

We love working with Sasha Souza Events because they always bring us the most faboulus parties to create custom invitations for. This time they were working with a husband and wife who were both celebrating their 40th birthdays and wanted to have a unique party in their backyard, including a private concert by Super Diamond - so they needed an invitation that let people know this was going to be a party not to be missed!

We designed custom labeled 40 oz beers that were hand delivered to the guest which also included "concert tickets" for all of the guests. The clients also wanted to keep the RSVP process simple so we created a custom reply website to track guest responses.

 We loved the reply format because it allowed folks to make comments and we were so proud to see what people had to say about our invitations:

"Best invite we've E-V-E-R seen! Can't wait to celebrate with you both."

"Wow, with an invite like this, we KNOW the party in going to be a blast!"

"We're in! and we'll bring our 40, chilled and ready to drink!"

Monday, October 29, 2012

Destination Wedding: Cavallo Point

Just a few months ago, Stacey & Company got a call from a bride-to-be in Houston, Texas. She told us she and her fiance had always loved San Francisco and wanted to have a destination wedding. Being as busy as they were, the love birds opted to let Stacey & Company take the reigns and plan the perfect wedding. From the venue, to the flowers to the creative take home favor/place markers, we did it all (and in just 8 weeks)! Take a look at some of the beautiful elements.

Cavollo Point, in Sausalito was chosen for it's beautiful vistas of San Francisco & the Golden Gate Bridge. The weather was absolutely perfect that day.

All paper materials were made from seed paper, so guests could take home programs & menus and plant them in their garden.

Our bride & groom wanted to make their mark at Cavallo Point by planting a tree. This way they can come back to the Bay Area and visit their tree & remember their special day. Small burlap bags containing soil for the tree planting ceremony were placed in a wood bucket. To protect ladies' shoes, guests were given "heel protectors" as they made their way down to the tree planting ceremony.

For the celebration we set the mood with candle light, gorgeous centerpieces of fuchsias and purples in wooden boxes that doubled as table markers, and metal trees with hanging candles worked the rustic yet elegant vibe. Since we wanted everyone to feel they were at dinner with the bride and groom, we set one large table the ran the length of the Verbena Room.

Congratulations Christine + Grant! Thank you for allowing Stacey & Company to plan your perfect day!

Photography: Anna Kuperberg
Flowers: Fantasy Florals
Event Styling + Stationery: Stacey & Company

Monday, October 15, 2012

Pop Up Wedding in San Francisco | Nada + John

We were so excited to get the call from long-time friend of Stacey & Company, Nada, that she was engaged to her beau John. After a few consultations with them we could see they were struggling on what type of wedding to have, who to invite, how big the wedding should be, how much to spend, etc. So we let them settle into engaged life and didn't push them to make too many decisions right away.

Then a few months later when calling to check in with the happy couple they mentioned  they were thinking about having a Friday wedding. They asked if I thought people would be able to make it.  I said that Fridays can be hard for people to make it, but if you give them enough notice, those that want to be there will make it! Then Nada clarified that she meant THE COMING FRIDAY.

What? Well, her parents were going to be in town from England and thought that they were ready to be married, so "Let's Do It!" So we went straight over to their apartment and planned their wedding in about an hour. Then over the next five days we finessed all of the details for their beautiful wedding.

Lucky for Nada & John one of her best girlfriends is a wedding photographer and she was able to catch all of the details of the special day!

 Congrats to Nada & John! Cheers!

Ceremony Site: The Spire in the Presidio
Celebration Venue: Presidio Social Club - private dining room
Guest Count: 24 people
Flowers: Hot Pink & Orange by Susan Barton | Fantasy Florals
Cake: Petite Butter-creme cake with fresh flowers with creme on creme details by Pretty Please Bake Shop
Stationery: Table markers, seating chart, etc. by Stacey & Company
Photography: Dianne Jones Photography