Friday, January 08, 2010

hey little monkey | 2nd birthday bash

what to do with a high energy two-year-old little girl? why a monkey-themed gymnastics party of course! this party was a blast to pull together with some already created elements from a party store, we took it to the next level. we started with a custom illustration of our birthday girl which captured her spirit to a tee.

we used the wall clings we found as part of the party collection to to decorate the room along with oversize photos of the birthday girl in her custom made outfit from KIDS' CLOTHES 'N BIG OL' BOWS (KCBOB). we also used coordinating balloons and streamers to jazz up the birthday room at the local YMCA.

next we worked with 'just a mom confections' to created some very sassy and cute monkey cookies. we baked and decorated coordinating cupcakes and made kid friendly lunches, including PB&J sandwiches. we even made little labels on the sammies so a few kids that had special sandwiches knew which ones were theirs. then we packaged everything up in coordinating favor boxes that we used as lunch boxes.

we think the party was a swingin' from the trees success!