Saturday, May 22, 2010

elegant picnic | corporate retreat

initially from these shots you might think these shots are in a restaurant or private residence, but when we pull back you'll see we're catering an elegant picnic in the park. we're always excited when we get a call from our long time client, rmc water and environment - and this call was the most interesting. as part of a corporate/partner retreat they were going to be doing a wilderness (GPS) scavenger hunt and wanted to conclude the activities with an elegant dinner in the park.

as our guests came out of the forest and into the greenway, they found us ready with a glass of wine and some pre-dinner snacks.

for dinner we served grilled ball tip, orzo pasta with feta cheese, olives and red peppers, fire roasted asparagus, green salad and broccoli salad.

for dessert we served a custom cake by shannie cakes

everyone loved the food and enjoyed dinner in the park. we're looking forward to our next party challenge!

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