Wednesday, May 26, 2010

around town | custom wedding maps

as we're moving into full swing with our 2010 wedding clients, we're remembering all the things we love about what we do. one favorite is incorporating a custom map into the wedding invitation suite, as either a stand alone card, worked into the format of an informational insert or on the backside of a reception card.

we love custom maps because they really help your out of town guests get the lay of the land. what might seem simple for you to understand, can be a bit complicated to folks that have not been to your area before.

we think custom maps are a steal for $125. we get to call out the area, streets, highways, airports, landmarks, etc. that we want, as well as incorporate the custom design of the invitation into the format of the map with fonts, colors and custom markers.

here are a few samples that our 'map guru' has whipped up for us in the past (click on the map to get a larger view):

erin & bryan | map on the backside of the reception card

allegra & andy | map on an insert card in a pocket style invite

susi & david | map showing church, hotel and reception venue

katie & matt | folded insert card in a pocket style invite

see the full invitation for katie & matt's san francisco wedding

give us a call and we'll hook you up with a custom map too!

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