Wednesday, October 07, 2009

crisp green apple | wedding invitations

we LOVE it when clients come to us with visions and ideas but have NO idea how to pull things together.

such was the case with these invites. our bride knew she wanted brown and blue worked into the palette and also wanted to use a custom apple illustration that a friend illustrated for her based on a pillow she had seen in a magazine.

put it all together and what do you get? these fresh and sweet yet modern invites.

we designed an invitation, reply card and directions insert and printed everything for our client. she choose our DIY (do it yourself) design package, so she glued all of the pieces together.

she also provided us with her guest list so that we could custom print the guest's mailing address on the envelopes to match the fonts used on the invitations.

another successful collaboration!

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Jojo said...

I LOVE the apples. So unique and sweet!